About Rosa ApS

Rosa ApS produces potted mini roses of high quality under the two brands Roses Forever® and Infinity®. The nursery is owned by husband and wife Rosa and Harley Eskelund who has more than 30 years of experience in the production of roses. Rosa ApS is placed in the small town of Lading just outside Aarhus, Denmark. The nursery is 30,000 m2 and is the setting for an annual output of 5 million potted mini roses of which 95% is exported, mainly to Europe.

The history of Rosa ApS started a Sunday afternoon (1988) in Kolding, where Rosa and Harley Eskelund studied ads for dogs in the newspaper. Instead, their attention was caught by an ad for a nursery of Lading near Aarhus. After visiting both Lading and the bank Rosa and Harley Eskelund bought the nursery – and a dog.

The nursery was only 3,000 m2 and the production of 10.5 cm potted roses was done on old wooden tables, but already 2 years after the area increased to 17,500 m2. Today, the nursery is 30,000 m2 and produces a full range of potted roses in 6 and 10.5 cm.

Modern cultivation techniques together with professional gardener traditions make it possible to produce potted roses of very high quality. Production is very environmentally friendly. All plants are watered from the nurseries own closed system where rainwater is collected and recycled. This means a very low consumption of ground water and no fertilizer emissions. In addition, the nursery has a very low CO2 emission when heated with natural gas. However, the solar heat is maximized throughout the day, and in the season there is no need for heating. At night, heavy insulation curtains keep the collected heat from the day.

Rosa Eskelund is responsible for the company’s product development and together with environmental improvements it has a very high priority. Every day the development of new varieties and improvement of cultivation methods and workflows is of great importance in order to keep the nursery in front of the market. Rosa ApS has a close cooperation with the breeding company Roses Forever ApS, which in 1996 also was founded by husband and wife Rosa and Harley Eskelund.

Rosa Eskelund is the woman behind Roses Forever ApS. With her great love for roses and many years of experience in the production of potted roses, Rosa Eskelund is constantly in front of the market for potted roses, resulting in the development of roses with large flowers in strong colors and extremely long life.

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