• New revolutionary potted rose
  • The new Infinity® line is a series of extravagant and long lasting roses
  • Very long durability of each flower (+5 weeks)
  • Thick leaves that prevent the plant from drying out quickly
  • Big well-shaped flowers (7 cm in diameter)
  • Ideal for indoor use – kept regularly moist
  • Suitable for pots and beds in the garden
  • Winter-hardy if planted from May to September
  • Winner of the Floradania Innovation Award 2012: Best Indoor Plant.

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Infinity® White

Princess of Infinity®

Infinity® Pink

Infinity® Red

The beautiful Infinity® rose in the perfect shade of red.

Queen of Infinity®

King of Infinity®

Infinity® Evergreen™

Evergreen™ is beautiful rose that starts with a rosa colour and as it ages it turns comletely green and paperlike.


Jinfinity™ is the new exclusive golden Infinity® rose. Jin means GOLD in Chinese.