The Love Me™ mini roses on stems are very small roses on 23 cm stems. The well-shaped red roses are perfect as a romantic surprise for Valentines and Mother’s Day. They are also a very popular gift item for your friends, family or any one you would like to bring joy and happiness.

Love Me is part of the roses on stems series Love Forever® from Danish Rose Breeding company Roses Forever ApS. They are sold with a nice eye catching and romantic label. The roses on stems are very suitable for indoor use, and for planting out in the garden pots and beds.


For growers:

Love Me™ roses are grown in 12 cm pots on 23 cm Multiflora stems.
For further information and license agreement, please contact Roses Forever ApS


Roses Forever is a Danish rose breeding company owned by the Eskelund family representing the well-known quality brands Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses, Plant’n’Relax® garden roses and Viking® cut roses.

For further information please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email:

Rosa hybrid Love me Roses Forever - Rosa ApS - New Plant IPM 2015  Love Forever label