Jinfinity™ – the new exclusive golden rose

Meet Jinfinity™ at the IPM fair in Essen, Germany, from 26 to 29th January 2016

Three years ago, the revolutionary Infinity® introduced a new standard for mini roses, with giant flowers, exceptional long durability, and beautiful dark glossy leaves.

This new rose was even easy to grow for growers all over the world and extremely popular everywhere in spite of that it was white, and there was only this one color.

The Infinity series was soon extended with the light pink Princess of Infinity® and the pink variety Pink Infinity®. In 2015 came Infinity Evergreen™ with grass green flowers, in limited quantities.

Now the series expands again with a new gold colored Infinity. Jinfinity ™ is the name of the new gold colored Infinity. Jin means gold in Chinese.

Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever ApS, the breeder of the Infinity roses, are both excited and very happy.

“The golden Infinity I have worked on even long before the introduction of the original white Infinity, but it lacked that last bit before it could be released to the market. It has a wonderful nice warm yellow color, almost like gold”, continues Rosa Eskelund.

The mini rose growers in Denmark are also excited. “It’s a long-awaited news,” says Esben Hansen, Sales Manager at mini rose nursery Rosa ApS in Denmark. “Jinfinity is perfect to mix with the other Infinity roses, but also delicious as a lovely spring announcing. It will be easy to sell and will certainly draw even more attention to the Infinity roses”, says Esben Hansen.


  • Jin means gold in Chinese and China is a market Roses Forever ApS recently has signed license agreements with.
  • Jinfinity is gold colored and the leaves are very dark green, almost black.
  • The original white Infinity won an award as the best indoor plant at IPM 2012
  • Roses Forever ApS develops new roses in Denmark and sells rights to grow worldwide
  • Visit Roses Forever ApS at the IPM fair 26th-29th January 2016 and see the whole Infinity series.

Read more about the Infinity roses on www.rosa.dk and contact Sales manager Esben Hansen at +45 8694 8988 or eh@rosa.dk 

For more information about Roses Forever ApS and license to grow Infinity roses contact Rose breeder Rosa Eskelund on re@roses-forever.com or +45 5157 1990 www.roses-forever.com


The beautiful Jinfinity™ is ready for a golden future with its giant flowers and exceptional long durability Jinfinity™ is gold colored and the leaves are very dark green, almost black